OFAC PatriotTM program, OFAC PatriotTM Server program, & FinCEN PatriotTM program Download Page

The Patriot Software installation package contains a .NET Framework executable file that automatically detects if the users system has the necessary .NET Framework version 2.0 installed which is required to effectively utilize the Patriot Software.


In the event the .NET Framework version 2.0 is not detected on the users system during the Patriot Software installation process, the .NET Framework version 2.0 will automatically be installed on the system and then the executable file will self-destruct and delete itself from the users system. This process is completed in order to protect the hard disk resources of the users system by minimizing use of disk space.


The Patriot programs Windows versions provide for usage by single users when installed as desktop applications and multiple users when installed over a network and work with all Windows operating systems.


When installing the Patriot programs over a network the programs can be setup to provide the function of sharing common data search lists, accept lists, input batch files and output search result report files.


All Patriot programs have a Consolidated Reports feature enabling users to select date ranges to compile consolidated lists of search result reports.


Downloading these programs provides a ten (10) day free trial period.


All Patriot programs are licensed not sold. To purchase a license for these programs simply contact Patriot Techcorp and an Alpha Code and Serial Number will be setup and emailed to you for program license registration. To do so simply email sales at: sales@patriottechcorp.com


Option 1 for standard Windows installations, individual workstations and network file sharing Setup:



Click the blue link for the OFAC PatriotTM program (Windows v3.0.1): OFAC Patriot v3.0.1.zip (23 MB)

Version Release Date: 27 December 2015



Click the blue link for the FinCEN PatriotTM program (Windows v3.0.0): FinCEN Patriot v3.0.0.zip (23 MB)

Version Release Date: 09 December 2015



Option 2 for Setup as a server solution which provides fully automated OFAC Data file updates and fully automated Batch file processing:



Click the blue link for the OFAC PatriotTM Server program (Windows Server v3.0.1): OFAC Patriot Server v3.0.1.zip (23 MB) Version Release Date: 27 December 2015




Program Help Files can be accessed by clicking the below listed links: (After opening and Saving or Printing selected Help File, click the back button to return to this page for more reference)


M/S Vista & Windows 7 & Up O/S Setup (OFAC Patriot program All Versions) Help Files


OFAC Patriot Program v3.0.1 Help Files


OFAC Patriot Server Program v3.0.1 Help Files


M/S Vista & Windows 7 & Up O/S Setup (FinCEN Patriot program v3.0.0) Help Files


FinCEN Patriot Program v3.0.0 Help Files


FinCEN 314(a) List Update Process Help File






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